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The Nigerian Army confirms the stabbing incident between personnel.

The Nigerian Army has confirmed the stabbing of its personnel attached to the 74 Supply and Transportation Brigade, 82nd (Airborne and Amphibious) Division, Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi by his colleague, Private Yahaya Sani. Private Musa Abdullahi was stabbed on the head with a dagger by Private Yahaya Sani during a quarrel at the Artisan new market in Enugu State. Private Musa is currently receiving treatment while Private Yahaya Sani is under custody for further investigation and action by the army authorities.



The Nigerian Army confirms the stabbing incident between personnel.

The Nigerian Army has officially acknowledged a stabbing incident involving two of its personnel, Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi and Private Yahaya Sani, attached to the 74 Supply and Transportation Brigade, 82nd (Airborne and Amphibious) Division.

According to an incident report obtained by SaharaReporters, the altercation occurred at the Artisan New Market in Enugu State, where Private Yahaya Sani allegedly used a dagger to stab Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi in the head.

As a result, Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi is currently receiving treatment at the 82nd Div. DMSH (Divisional Medical Services Hospital), while Private Yahaya Sani is in custody awaiting further action.

This incident follows an exclusive report by SaharaReporters detailing how Private Yahaya Sani stabbed Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi after an accusation of theft. Private Musa had reportedly accused Private Sani of stealing his phone, which led to the altercation resulting in the stabbing.

This incident adds to the recent string of violent incidents involving military personnel, including the killing of a pregnant woman, Miss Hauwakulu Tabra, by Private Mohammed Adamu, also attached to the 82nd Division. The series of violent incidents raise concerns about discipline and morale within the Nigerian Army and highlights the need for thorough investigations and accountability measures.

The global consequences of such incidents include tarnished reputations for the Nigerian military, decreased confidence in security forces, and potential diplomatic repercussions. Additionally, these incidents may exacerbate tensions within the country and undermine efforts to maintain peace and security.

Private Yahaya Sani Allegedly Stabs Colleague Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi; Incident Comes Amidst Rising Tensions in the Military

Under Nigerian law, the stabbing incident between the two Nigerian Army personnel, Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi and Private Yahaya Sani, constitutes a criminal offence. The act of stabbing another person with a dagger or any other weapon can be classified as assault or, depending on the severity of the injury inflicted, may even be classified as attempted murder.

Specifically, Section 351 of the Criminal Code Act defines assault as any act that intentionally or recklessly causes bodily harm to another person. The use of a dagger to stab Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi undoubtedly meets the criteria for assault, as it resulted in physical harm.

Furthermore, if the prosecution can establish that Private Yahaya Sani’s actions were premeditated and with the intent to kill Private Aliyu Musa Abdullahi, he could be charged with attempted murder under Section 320 of the Criminal Code Act.

Under Nigerian law, the consequences of such criminal acts include prosecution, trial, and, if found guilty, sentencing. Depending on the severity of the offence and other mitigating factors, Private Yahaya Sani could face imprisonment or other penalties as prescribed by law.

The Nigerian Army may also take internal disciplinary action against Private Yahaya Sani, including dismissal from service, demotion, or other administrative sanctions. The military justice system operates independently from civilian courts but may complement legal proceedings by ensuring accountability within the military ranks.

Private Yahaya Sani’s actions under Nigerian law result in criminal liability and potential disciplinary measures within the military hierarchy.

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