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AptResponse and NBA-YLF Join Forces to Advance Professional Development of Young Lawyers

Virtual Response Limited is a prominent technology company at the forefront of connecting lawyers with clients through its innovative mobile application, AptResponse. With its headquarters located at 1B Utomi Arie Street in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, Nigeria, Virtual Response Limited specializes in providing emergency response, police invitation assistance, and small claims resolution services. The company’s primary focus is on leveraging technology to bridge the gap between legal service providers and individuals in need of legal assistance.



Under the leadership of President Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, OON, SAN, the Nigerian Bar Association Young Lawyers Forum (NBA-YLF) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), marking a significant milestone in its efforts to advance legal services in Nigeria. This MoU establishes a framework for collaboration between NBA-YLF and Virtual Response Limited, with the shared objective of improving access to legal assistance across the nation.

Guided by President Maikyau’s vision, this partnership underscores the commitment of NBA-YLF to harnessing technology and collective expertise to empower young lawyers and enhance the efficiency of legal representation nationwide.

Virtual Response Limited a leading technology company, and NBA-YLF unveiled their strategic collaboration aimed at bolstering legal services in Nigeria. This collaborative endeavor represents a proactive approach to leveraging technology and pooled resources to uplift young legal practitioners and streamline legal processes.

NBA President: AptResponse and NBA-YLF Join Forces to Advance Professional Development of Young Lawyers

Innovative Partnership Formed to Empower Young Lawyers and Improve Legal Representation

By forging this partnership and connecting lawyers with clients through its mobile application, both entities demonstrate a steadfast commitment to advancing the legal profession and ensuring equitable access to justice for all Nigerians under President Maikyau’s leadership.

The initiative aims to equip young lawyers with the necessary tools and resources to efficiently offer legal services, thereby addressing key challenges in legal service accessibility. Additionally, the agreement includes financial support from Virtual Response Limited to NBA-YLF, demonstrating a shared commitment to fostering the professional development and capacity building of young lawyers in Nigeria.

The collaboration seeks to enrich NBA-YLF members’ skill sets and career prospects by sponsoring training programs on relevant legal and technological topics.

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Do you know what a state band under the Remuneration Order 2023 is?

A state band’ in the context of the Legal Practitioners Remuneration Order 2023 refers to different geographical regions within the country that determine the billing rates for legal practitioners. Each band has criteria, such as population density, cost of living, or economic activity, determining which band a lawyer falls into. The question that readily comes to mind is: when can a lawyer be said to be in a particular state band for billing?

Refer to the flyies below for additional information!

Afam Osigwe: State Bands under the Remuneration Order 2023


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