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JUST IN: Heartbreaking Tragedy in Adamawa State: Mentally-Ill Man Claims Nine Lives



JUST IN: Heartbreaking Tragedy in Adamawa State: Mentally-Ill Man Claims Nine Lives

In a profoundly distressing turn of events, Ali Denham, suspected of suffering from mental illness, has reportedly caused the untimely demise of at least nine individuals in Adamawa State.

According to reports gathered by Legal Attorney Blog on a solemn Friday morning, chaos erupted in Kate-Gamji village, located in the Sheleng Local Government Area of the state.

The source of this upheaval was Denham’s inexplicable killing spree, which left the community in shock and disbelief.

The incident left the residents of Kate-Gamji village profoundly unsettled. Some enraged youths from the community, in an act of desperation and anger, confronted Denham. They not only disarmed him but also subjected him to a tragic fate.

Tragedy Strikes in Adamawa: Mentally ill Man’s Deadly Rampage

“Ali Denham, a man afflicted with mental illness, claimed the lives of nine villagers and met his own demise at the hands of enraged youths from the community. This heartbreaking event unfolded on a fateful Wednesday in Sheleng community,” disclosed an anonymous source quoted by Sahara Reporters.

Another source, speaking to journalists, confirmed the harrowing incident, stating, “He brandished a knife, and anyone who crossed his path, including elderly men and women, fell victim to his attacks. Tragically, he ensured the person he stabbed was lifeless before moving on to the next.”

The victims were laid to rest on a sombre Thursday evening, marking a devastating end to their lives.

It has also come to light that family members of the suspected individual have fled the community, likely overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation.

As of the time of compiling this report, the state police command has not issued an official statement regarding the incident, leaving the community and the wider public grappling with the unfolding profound tragedy.

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