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2024 NBAWF Conference: Insightful Sessions Explore Supportive Environments, Business Growth, and Tech’s Role in Gender Equity

The biggest barrier to career advancement among women in Nigeria is often attributed to entrenched gender biases and societal norms that perpetuate inequality in the workplace. Despite strides towards gender equality, women continue to face systemic challenges such as limited access to leadership roles, unequal pay, lack of mentorship opportunities, and cultural expectations regarding caregiving responsibilities. These barriers hinder women’s professional growth and contribute to the underrepresentation of women in senior positions across various industries in Nigeria.



2024 NBAWF Conference: Insightful Sessions Explore Supportive Environments, Business Growth, and Tech's Role in Gender Equity

Session 1: Creating a Supportive Professional Ecosystem

The session commenced with Adeola Olumeyan, General Counsel at Channels Television, leading a thought-provoking discussion on fostering a supportive environment for female lawyers. Panellists Seni Adio, Mobola Tejuoso, Ozofu Ogiemudia, and Imke Boener provided comprehensive insights into the challenges faced by women in the legal profession. They proposed actionable strategies for creating a more inclusive workplace.

Seni Adio, drawing from his experience as a managing partner at Copley Partners and former chairman of the NBA’s Section on Business Law, emphasized the importance of law firms’ intentional efforts to support the career advancement of female lawyers. He highlighted the need for organizations to create safe spaces for women and encouraged female lawyers to aspire to leadership roles within their organizations.

Mobola Tejuoso echoed Adio’s sentiments, stressing the significance of a robust support system within individual law firms and the legal community. She emphasized the role of mentorship and advocacy in empowering female lawyers to overcome gender-based stereotypes and achieve professional success.

Ozofu Ogiemudia highlighted the conference theme by advocating for a culture that values fairness and equity in the Nigerian legal community. She emphasized the importance of institutionalizing practices that promote gender diversity and inclusion.

Imke Boener, representing the German Bar, shared insights into international perspectives on gender equality in the legal profession. She emphasized the need for Nigerian legal institutions to challenge gender stereotypes and promote a culture of inclusivity.

Attendees actively participated in the discussion, sharing personal experiences and engaging with panellists on mentorship mechanisms, career advancement barriers, and strategies for creating supportive professional ecosystems. The session concluded with a renewed commitment to advancing gender equality in the legal profession and empowering female lawyers to thrive in their careers.

Session 2: Strategies for Business Growth

The second session, moderated by Soibi Ovia, Partner at Duale, Ovia & Alex-Adedipe, delved into the essential principles of people and financial management for business growth. Esteemed panelists George Etomi, Kofo Dosekun, Oluwatosin Olaseinde, and Bimpe Gisanrin shared invaluable insights and practical strategies for law firms and practitioners seeking to enhance their business operations and drive sustainable growth.

George Etomi, renowned principal managing partner at George Etomi & Partners, emphasized the importance of treating law as a business enterprise. He underscored the need for legal professionals to focus on acquiring clients, delivering high-quality services, and managing financial resources to ensure long-term success.

Kofo Dosekun, Chairman at Aluko & Oyebode, provided insights into effective financial management practices for law firms. She highlighted the importance of financial planning, budgeting, and prudent resource allocation in optimizing business performance and mitigating financial risks.

Oluwatosin Olaseinde, founder and CEO of Money Africa, offered valuable advice on financial literacy and wealth management for legal professionals. She emphasized the importance of personal financial planning and investment strategies for achieving economic independence and long-term prosperity.

Bimpe Gisanrin, Unit Head, Women Banking at Access Bank Plc, discussed financial institutions’ role in supporting law firms’ growth and sustainability. She highlighted available banking products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of legal practitioners and law firms.

Attendees actively engaged with the panellists, seeking practical advice on business development, client management, and financial planning. The session concluded with a renewed commitment to implementing actionable strategies for business growth and success in the legal profession.

Session 3: Leveraging Technology for Gender Equity

Moderated by Iniobong Irene Pepple, Head of Practice at Peacemakers Legal Consult, the third session explored the intersection of technology and gender equity in the legal profession. Panellists Rotimi Ogunyemi, Ifeoma Ben, Damilola Ibikunle, Olubukola Ogunsakin, and Tosin Akingbade provided insights into leveraging technology to promote inclusivity, empower female practitioners, and advance gender equity in the legal industry.

Rotimi Ogunyemi, Partner at Johnson & Wilner/BOC Legal, discussed the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital tools in enhancing efficiency and productivity in legal practice. He highlighted the role of technology in streamlining processes, reducing operational costs, and improving access to justice for women.

Ifeoma Ben, Senior Partner at Law Forte, emphasized the importance of digital literacy and skill development for female lawyers. She discussed the opportunities presented by online platforms and e-learning resources for acquiring new competencies and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving legal landscape.

Damilola Ibikunle, Head of the Digital Transformation Unit at the Law Pavilion, shared insights into innovative technologies and software solutions designed to empower legal practitioners and optimize their workflow. She highlighted the role of technology in facilitating remote work, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among legal professionals.

Olubukola Ogunsakin, a web policy and legal consultant at Interstellar Plc, discussed the potential of social media platforms to amplify the voices of female practitioners and promote gender diversity in the legal profession. She emphasized using digital platforms to advocate for gender equality, share best practices, and foster community engagement.

Tosin Akingbade, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Innovation at Olaniwun Ajayi LP highlighted the importance of organizational innovation and digital transformation in promoting gender equity and inclusivity within law firms. She discussed practical strategies for integrating technology into legal practice and leveraging data analytics to drive decision-making and business growth.

Attendees actively participated in the discussion, exchanging ideas and insights on leveraging technology to overcome gender barriers and create a more inclusive legal ecosystem. The session concluded with a call to action for legal professionals to embrace digital innovation and harness the power of technology to advance gender equity and social justice in the legal profession.


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