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Inmates Protest Over Food Ration Reduction Sparks Commotion in Jos Correctional Center

Inmates at the Correctional Center in Jos, Plateau State, sparked unrest by protesting against a proposed reduction in their food allowance amid economic challenges in Nigeria.



Inmates Protest Over Food Ration Reduction Sparks Commotion in Jos Correctional Center

In a startling development, inmates at the Correctional Center in Jos, Plateau State, erupted in protest on Friday, triggered by rumours of a potential reduction in their food rations amid the prevailing economic hardships across the country.

The protest, which unfolded against nationwide demonstrations over soaring living costs, saw inmates refusing breakfast and defying custodial orders. Reports indicate that the inmates gathered in the prison yard, voicing their discontent loudly, prompting custodial officials to resort to tear gas to restore order and compel the inmates back to their quarters.

Confirming the unrest, Comptroller Raphael Ibinuhi of the Jos Correctional Center attributed the protest to the exorbitant prices of goods in the market, which compelled the contracted food supplier to consider downsizing meal portions. He expressed confidence in the federal government’s efforts to address the challenge by expressing his view.

Inmates Protest Over Food Ration Reduction Sparks Commotion in Jos Correctional Center

Comptroller Ibinuhi stressed the broader national issue of escalating commodity prices. While acknowledging the inmates’ concerns, he deemed the protest unnecessary, given the ongoing government interventions to mitigate the nationwide economic strain, including within correctional facilities.

In the aftermath of the protest at the Jos Correctional Center, authorities have intensified efforts to address the inmates’ grievances and restore calm within the facility. Comptroller Raphael Ibinuhi has been engaged in discussions with inmates and custodial staff to defuse tensions and resolve the situation satisfactorily.

Additionally, the National Correctional Service has dispatched a team of officials to assess the conditions at the facility and provide necessary support to ensure the welfare of inmates. Amidst concerns about the country’s economic challenges, stakeholders emphasise the importance of proactive measures to prevent similar incidents and maintain stability within correctional institutions nationwide.

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