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Deserved Justice Served: Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for Man Convicted of Kidnap and Murder

Efforts to strengthen legal frameworks and enhance investigative capabilities are essential in deterring such heinous acts and ensuring swift and effective justice for victims and their families.



Deserved Justice Served: Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for Man Convicted of Kidnap and Murder

In a decisive verdict delivered by the Supreme Court, justice has been unequivocally served as Theophilus Friday’s appeal against his death sentence for the abduction, murder, and mutilation of a year-and-a-half-old girl, Rachael Akingboye has been dismissed.

The unanimous decision, announced on Friday, February 23, by a five-member panel of the Supreme Court, marks the culmination of a lengthy legal battle and reaffirms the judiciary’s commitment to upholding the rule of law.


The case stems from the tragic events of June 17, 2011, when Rachael Akingboye was abducted from her home in Ikorigho, Igbokoda, Ilaje local government area of Ondo state, while asleep next to her mother. Olusegun Obaro and Jonah Lase were identified as the perpetrators who handed the abducted child to Theophilus Friday, who allegedly orchestrated the heinous crime.

Following a frantic search, Rachael’s mutilated body was discovered near her mother’s house, prompting swift action from the community residents who apprehended Obaro, Lase, and Friday. Subsequently, the trio was handed over to the authorities at Igbokoda Police Station, initiating legal proceedings against them under the Ondo State Anti-Kidnapping and Abduction Law 2010 and the Criminal Code Laws of Ondo State.

Legal Proceedings:

The case underwent rigorous scrutiny in the High Court of Ondo State in Akure, where Justice Olusegun Odusola delivered a landmark verdict on March 20, 2014. Justice Odusola, after meticulous examination of the evidence presented by the prosecution, found Obaro and Lase guilty of both kidnapping and murder, while Friday was convicted solely of murder.

In a stern judgment reflective of the severity of the crimes committed, Justice Odusola sentenced Obaro, Lase, and Friday to death by hanging, emphasizing the gravity of their actions and the irreparable loss suffered by the victim’s family.

Supreme Court Verdict:

The recent decision by the Supreme Court, led by Justice Tijjani Abubakar, to uphold the death sentence for Theophilus Friday highlights the judiciary’s determined commitment to dispensing justice without fear or favour. The dismissal of Friday’s appeal reaffirms the findings of the lower courts and serves as a resounding message against heinous crimes perpetrated against the innocent.

The Supreme Court’s ruling brings a sense of closure to the tragic ordeal endured by Rachael Akingboye’s family. It underscores the importance of holding perpetrators of such despicable acts accountable. The relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement agencies and the judiciary provides hope for victims and their families, reaffirming the fundamental principles of fairness, integrity, and accountability within Nigeria’s legal system.


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Deserved Justice Served: Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for Man Convicted of Kidnap and Murder

Deserved Justice Served: Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for Man Convicted of Kidnap and Murder

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