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“Navigating Office Dynamics and Funding Dilemmas in the NBA: A Deeper Look”

They sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind.



What an intriguing perspective from the author! Subversion might be the accusation, but a more profound understanding is expected for those well-acquainted with these circles.

Consider the example of Aketi and others. It’s essential to acknowledge that while presidents may occasionally try to assume an emperor-like role, we must scrutinize the allegations made by vice presidents about the president’s failure to mobilize our office for work. Is this truly subversion? Also Read:

In one historical instance, a General Secretary once requested a president to allocate a monthly budget of 500k to his office as running costs, despite a similar amount being already provided for secretariat expenses under the Executive Director’s jurisdiction.

The president declined and suggested that he administer the secretariat’s budget instead, leading to what can only be described as an office power struggle. If you’re in the know, you understand the intricacies involved. Also Read:

It’s crucial to recognize that NBA offices aren’t ministries or departments with separate budgets to be regularly funded. However, the officers within these roles perform essential functions that, when necessary, should receive appropriate funding, albeit not by merely financing the entire office’s operations.

For instance, supervising branches is not akin to the NASS’s oversight functions that one can engage in at their discretion. VPs aren’t expected to visit every state branch or attend every law week event solely because it falls under their purview for supervision. This should not be at the expense of the Bar. Also Read:

Someone on another platform recently proposed a 2 million Naira allocation per VP for their respective offices, leaving us to ponder whether this budget is for a week, month, quarter, or a full year. Now, considering 2 million for three VPs monthly totals 6 million per month, which equals 72 million annually! Is this the intended use of Bar funds?

We’ve witnessed valid arguments about subversion in the past, which have also been weaponized occasionally. However, more constructive ways exist to address these concerns than the approach taken during the AGM. Also Read:

They sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind. Now is the time to quell the storm and collaborate based on the financial guidelines established in prior AGMs. These issues have been addressed by the Bar previously, and we need only revisit records, such as the resolutions of the Lagos 2009 AGM, to find valuable precedents. Enough said!

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