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Afam Osigwe, SAN Champions Fair Remuneration for Lawyers at NBA GARKI Branch Meeting

The Remuneration Order is our tool for adequate pay as Lawyer



Afam Osigwe, SAN Champions Fair Remuneration for Lawyers at NBA GARKI Branch Meeting

At the monthly meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association, Garki branch, graciously hosted by the esteemed friends of Afam Osigwe, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as Afam Osigwe delivered a keynote speech on a topic of paramount importance: “Stepping Up Legal Practice: Legal Practitioners Remuneration Order 2023 to the Rescue.”

With eloquence and conviction, Afam Osigwe, SAN, underscored the critical significance of the Legal Practitioners Remuneration Order 2023 as a powerful tool for ensuring that the hard-earned wages for the invaluable services rendered by legal practitioners are duly recognized and paid. He passionately emphasized that this order represents a mere administrative decree and a fundamental mechanism for upholding legal professionals’ dignity and fair compensation.

Nigerian bar Association, Unity Bar Law Week 2024

In a stirring call to action, Afam Osigwe, SAN, urged his esteemed colleagues to join hands with the Remuneration Committee, which he has the honour of chairing, in a collective endeavour to ensure the just implementation and robust enforcement of the Remuneration Order. He highlighted the importance of unity and collaboration among legal practitioners to safeguard our professional rights and ensure our contributions to the legal profession are duly acknowledged and compensated.

In his closing remarks, Afam expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Garki branch’s leadership for their warm hospitality and unwavering support. He also extended his appreciation to his esteemed colleagues for their receptiveness and engagement during his speech, reaffirming their collective commitment to advancing the interests of legal practitioners and upholding the principles of fairness and justice.

As the meeting concluded, there was a palpable sense of optimism and determination among the attendees, inspired by his impassioned call to action. With his leadership and the collective efforts of the legal fraternity, there is a renewed sense of purpose in championing the cause of legal practitioners’ remuneration and ensuring a brighter future for the legal profession.



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