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Senior Itsekiri Leader Condemns Gumi’s Criticism of Wike’s Ministerial Qualifications, Advocates Rotational FCT Leadership.



Senior Itsekiri Leader Condemns Gumi's Criticism of Wike's Ministerial Qualifications, Advocates Rotational FCT Leadership.

In a recent interview with Vanguard, prominent legal expert and Chairman of the Itsekiri Leaders of Thought in Delta State, Edward Ekpoko, rebuked Sheikh Gumi and other Muslim leaders for their criticism of President Bola Tinubu’s appointment of Nyesom Wike as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Ekpoko firmly maintained that it is an insult to disqualify Wike from the FCT Ministerial position solely because of his Niger Delta origins. He highlighted that the development of the FCT, including Abuja, was funded by the resources extracted from the Niger Delta.

Ekpoko emphasized that the FCT is a national asset open to all qualified Nigerians, regardless of their regional background. He commended President Tinubu’s decision and proposed the rotation of the FCT Ministerial position among the geopolitical zones to eliminate misconceptions about its exclusivity to the North. He applauded Wike’s early initiatives, such as enforcing long-overdue ground rent payments and his commitment to adhering to the original master plan for Abuja.

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