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Sheikh Gumi Accuses Wike of Satanic Collaboration with Israel, Warns of Security Implications.



Sheikh Gumi Accuses Wike of Satanic Collaboration with Israel, Warns of Security Implications.

In a recent video sermon posted on his official Facebook page, controversial Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi lambasted the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike, for his recent meeting with the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria.

Sheikh Gumi denounced Wike’s alleged plans for security collaboration with Israel, warning that it could transform Abuja into an extension of Tel Aviv and trigger dire consequences for Muslims in the region.

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Gumi asserted that Muslims appointed to top security positions are merely figureheads without absolute authority, emphasizing that the actual control lies with Christians and Southerners. He rebuked those who advocated for a Muslim-Muslim ticket as hypocrites driven by monetary gain, denouncing their actions as counterproductive and self-serving.

Sheikh Gumi’s Cautionary Remarks on Wike’s Collaboration with Israel

Expressing concerns about a perceived hidden agenda, Gumi cautioned against the infiltration of Israeli forces into Nigeria, warning of potential adverse consequences, including clandestine operations targeting outspoken Islamic clerics. He cited historical attacks on prominent clerics, citing an alleged hit list and the implications of foreign agencies gaining a foothold in the country.

The cleric also warned political figures, particularly President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that he must make strategic decisions to counter the perceived threats and maintain his position. Gumi’s remarks underscored the intensity of the current political climate, raising critical concerns about the potential impact of foreign collaborations on Nigeria’s internal security and stability.

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