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Examining the Complexities Surrounding Mohbad’s Life and Family



Recently, the tragic passing of the talented musician Mohbad has left many pondering the circumstances surrounding his life and his relationship with his family. While emotions run high, examining this situation with sensitivity and a discerning eye is essential.

Author: Richarmond O. Natha-Alade, Esq.


The untimely demise of Mohbad has raised numerous questions and concerns, particularly regarding his family dynamics and the role of his wife in his life. In this examination, we aim to dissect the various aspects of this complex situation and approach it with empathy and objectivity.

Natural Traits vs. Parental Failure

It is crucial to differentiate between natural traits and parental failure when assessing Mohbad’s family background. Mohbad’s father may have appeared soft-spoken, less educated, and seemingly weak, but these attributes do not necessarily equate to parental failure. Parenting is influenced by many factors, and no parent is perfect.

The Complexity of Family Dynamics

Family dynamics play a significant role in shaping an individual’s life. In Mohbad’s case, his relationship with his wife and family members profoundly impacted his personal struggles. Understanding these dynamics is essential in unravelling the complexities surrounding his life and death.

Mohbad’s Journey to Adulthood

Mohbad was an adult at 27, reasonably well-trained and behaved when he was alive. Parents are no longer held directly accountable for their adult children’s actions at this stage of life. Parents can offer guidance and advice, but ultimately, adults make their own choices.

Mohbad’s Father: A Well-Meaning Parent

Despite facing challenges such as limited resources, lack of formal education, and strained relationships, Mohbad’s father tried to guide and support his son. He played a significant role in Mohbad’s music career and deserves recognition for his contributions.

Allegations Against Mohbad’s Wife

Allegations have surfaced regarding Mohbad’s wife’s influence and actions in his life. These allegations include mental harm claims, unauthorized access to Mohbad’s personal information, and financial matters. These allegations have led some to question her involvement in Mohbad’s life.

Seeking Justice

As investigations continue into Mohbad’s passing, it is essential to remain objective and allow justice to take its course. All parties involved deserve a fair and thorough examination of the facts to ascertain the truth.


The circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s life and family relationships are multifaceted and warrant careful consideration. Let us approach this situation with empathy, acknowledging that every individual’s journey is influenced by many factors. May Mohbad’s soul rest in perfect peace, and his family find solace in these trying times.

Richarmond O. Natha-Alade, Esq., A Lawyer, Writing from Ibadan, Oyo State Email:

Lagos Police Confirm Completion of Mohbad’s Corpse Exhumation as Autopsy Begins

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