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DJ’s Account Reveals Tragic Events Leading to Mohbad’s Demise



DJ's Account Reveals Tragic Events Leading to Mohbad's Demise

A DJ, Ajisegiri Ayobami, has provided a detailed account of the events leading up to the death of Mohbad, which he shared with the Lagos Coroner, Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, on Wednesday.

Ayobami explained that Mohbad had attended a show in Ikorodu, and on their way back, their Prado SUV was obstructed, leading to a physical altercation between Mohbad and his friend, Primeboy, during which Mohbad sustained an injury.

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He further described that due to heavy traffic, he decided to head to the hospital separately and was shocked to see Mohbad being brought to the hospital on a motorcycle. Upon their arrival at the hospital, Mohbad was tragically confirmed dead.

Additionally, Ayobami disclosed that although Mohbad’s injury initially appeared to be a small cut on his hand, by the time they returned home at midnight, the hand had swelled significantly.

DJ’s Account of Mohbad’s Final Moments

Concerned about Mohbad’s condition, Ayobami and others attempted to contact Mohbad’s personal nurse, but she was unavailable. In response to this situation, one of their team members, Spending, suggested calling another nurse who came and administered an injection to Mohbad.

According to Ayobami’s account, he was in the process of obtaining medication from a pharmacy when he received a call from the house, requesting his return. Upon his return, he found Mohbad outside, where they were attempting to place him in a neighbor’s car for transportation to the hospital. Ayobami described Mohbad as appearing lifeless at this point, with closed eyes and limp hands.

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