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Afam Osigwe’s Impactful Contributions to NBA Minna Branch Law Week

Advocating for Legal Advancements and Judicial Independence



Afam Osigwe's Impactful Contributions to NBA Minna Branch Law Week: Advocating for Legal Advancements and Judicial Independence

In the rapidly evolving landscape of legal practice, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Minna Branch held a Law Week to explore pertinent themes at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Under the overarching theme of “Advancing Legal Practice and Advocacy,” legal practitioners and scholars gathered to deliberate on the transformative impact of emerging technologies and the imperative of upholding foundational principles such as judicial independence.

At Law Week, Afam contributed as a panellist on “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Nigerian Legal Practice.” During his discourse, Osigwe emphasized the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the legal profession and urged his colleagues to adapt to this new paradigm. Specifically, he highlighted concerns regarding protecting clients’ data, stressing the importance for lawyers to address issues related to data privacy within the context of AI integration.

Additionally, on the first day, Osigwe actively engaged in a panel discussion centered on “Independence of the Judiciary.” During this session, he passionately advocated for the autonomy of the judiciary. He underscored the significant role played by the NBA in safeguarding judicial independence, thereby ensuring the rule of law.

In a hangout organized in his honour by Mr Mohammed Ndayako, SAN, Osigwe seized the opportunity to foster harmony among legal practitioners. During the gathering, he urged his colleagues to collaborate with the NBA Remuneration Committee, of which he serves as chairman, to facilitate the implementation of the Legal Practitioners’ Remuneration Order 2023.

Osigwe emphasized that lawyers could effectively advocate for and secure a more favourable remuneration regime by actively engaging with this committee and assuming a proactive stance akin to law enforcement officers.

Through his contributions on topics ranging from the integration of artificial intelligence to safeguarding judicial independence, Osigwe exemplifies the spirit of progress and advocacy crucial for navigating the evolving terrain of the legal profession.


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