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Zamfara Governor Alleges Secret Negotiations with Bandits by Federal Government Officials



Zamfara Governor Alleges Secret Negotiations with Bandits by Federal Government Officials

Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State has made startling claims that his administration possesses credible evidence indicating that certain officials from the Federal Government engaged in covert meetings with bandits within the state.

Earlier this week, Governor Lawal had raised eyebrows by asserting that specific agencies affiliated with the Bola Tinubu-led federal government were partaking in undisclosed discussions with the bandits. The governor took this stance after unequivocally rejecting negotiating with criminal elements.

Through a statement disseminated by his spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, Governor Lawal asserted that certain government entities had been engaging in negotiations with the bandits clandestinely, without the knowledge or consent of the state government and other security bodies. Also Read:

Governor Lawal subsequently called for an immediate and comprehensive investigation, urging the Tinubu government to scrutinize the clandestine negotiations conducted by these agencies with the bandits operating in the state.

Responding swiftly to these allegations, the Federal Government categorically refuted the claims that its agencies had engaged in secretive negotiations with the Zamfara bandits.

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, accused the Zamfara government of politicizing the security situation within the state.

In response to the minister’s statements, Governor Lawal asserted that he possessed evidence of exposing specific Federal Government agents involved in negotiations with the bandits.

Governor Lawal’s spokesman emphasized that the Minister of Information should have conducted a thorough investigation before discrediting the state government’s claims.

The governor implored the federal government to take a resolute stance against such activities and to scrutinize the motives of those involved in negotiations with the criminal elements.

In a portion of the statement, Governor Lawal stated: “We sought clarification from the Federal Government regarding the sneaky negotiations with bandits carried out by some of its agents without recourse to the State Government and heads of Security agencies in the State.

We have facts and evidence on what had transpired between these agents of the Federal Government and the bandits during the negotiations in several places across Zamfara. It is disappointing that the information minister discredited our claim without verifying it first. What is expected of him as a professional is to collaborate with relevant authorities to substantiate the claim’s authenticity.”

The governor’s statement underscored the significance of not politicizing the security challenges and further called for a unified and concerted effort to address the issues at hand. Governor Lawal expressed his belief that secret negotiations with the bandits were a misstep that could not be entertained, as they only served to embolden the criminals without addressing the underlying problems.

Governor Lawal concluded by urging the Federal Government to take firm action against such activities and to delve deeper into the motivations of those participating in negotiations with criminal elements.

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