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Mohbad’s Mother Reveals Hidden Struggles: Fear, Love, and Loss



Mohbad's Mother Reveals Hidden Struggles: Fear, Love, and Loss

In a recent interview with TVC News, Promise Aloba, the mother of the late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad, opened up about the reasons behind her discreet approach to her relationship with her son and the circumstances surrounding their lives.

The controversy surrounding Mohbad’s untimely passing led to the exhumation of his remains by the authorities for a detailed autopsy, shedding light on the complexity of their situation.

Mrs Aloba revealed that her secrecy regarding her connection with Mohbad was rooted in her son’s deep-seated fear that she might be kidnapped or harmed if their relationship became public knowledge. This fear extended to her reluctance to reside in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, where Mohbad had rented an apartment and intended to establish a business for her.


Lagos Police Confirm Completion of Mohbad’s Corpse Exhumation as Autopsy Begins

Recalling her final moments with the late singer, Mrs Aloba recounted that during her last visit, Mohbad and his wife were adamant about her staying longer, considering his enduring emotional turmoil. She stated, “I don’t tell people I’m Mohbad’s mother because he was scared I might get kidnapped or killed.”

A Mother’s Unspoken Fears and Love”

She shared her son’s kind gestures towards her, including renting a spacious area with three shops and providing funds to purchase two large freezers and a generator. Mohbad had even promised to send her five million naira to stock the shops with goods.

However, the family’s joy was marred by the recurring violence and attacks that Mohbad experienced, particularly after the release of his EP. Mrs Aloba emphasized that her son lived in constant fear and even went to the police station multiple times to report such incidents.

Tragically, Mrs Aloba had departed from her son’s side on the Saturday before his passing, as he had a show and urged her not to leave. She explained, “He begged, begged, and begged me not to leave.” Her desire to attend church on Sunday finally prompted her departure. She left with a heavy heart, unaware that she would never see her son alive again.

Mohbad’s Mother Reveals Hidden Struggles: Fear, Love, and Loss

Reflecting on her son’s kind nature, she mentioned that he provided her with a monthly feeding allowance, even though he delayed giving it to her at times to ensure she stayed longer. The interview provided a poignant glimpse into the complex and challenging circumstances surrounding their lives.

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