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5-Year-Old Girl Beaten to Death by Grandparents for Soiling Herself.

A supposed safe haven, however, turned into a nightmare for the young child.



5-Year-Old Girl Beaten to Death by Grandparents for Soiling Herself.

In the chilling case of 5-year-old Jada Moore, the world was confronted with a heartbreaking story of abuse and betrayal that has sent shockwaves through communities. It ignited a vital conversation about child discipline and parenting practices.

Jada, a 5-year-old girl with a promising life ahead, was entrusted to care for her grandparents, Klent Elwoods, 62, and Lisa Jones, 57, from Park Forest, as her mother faced difficult times in Atlanta. This supposed safe haven, however, turned into a nightmare for the young child.

According to reports, the beatings began just a month into Jada’s stay with her grandparents. The tragedy came to light when police and paramedics responded to a distressing call from Elwoods, who confessed to beating his granddaughter and admitted she was unresponsive.

Upon arriving at the couple’s home on Osage Street, the scene they encountered was nothing short of a nightmare. Jada was found lying completely nude on the couch. Paramedics performed CPR on the young girl before rushing her to Comer Children’s Hospital, where she tragically passed away early the next day.

The horrific details of the investigation painted a grim picture of Jada’s abuse. Both grandparents admitted to authorities that they regularly used corporal punishment as a means of discipline. The police report detailed that Elwoods used a belt, his bare hands, and even a shoe to inflict pain on the innocent child.

Jones revealed that Jada had a history of soiling her underwear, a natural part of potty training for many children. In a profoundly troubling revelation, it was discovered that the last time Jada had an accident, Elwoods warned her that he would whip her with a belt if she did it again.

Tragically, this threat was carried out on the fateful night. Elwood struck Jada on her buttocks between 10 and 12 times with a belt, causing her to fall to the floor with each blow. It was during this horrific incident that Jada did not get back up.

The autopsy that followed painted a haunting picture of the child’s suffering. Jada was found covered from head to toe in bruises, abrasions, and scars in various stages of healing. Her body bore internal avulsion pockets—contusions commonly associated with injuries sustained in car accidents, indicating the severity of the beatings she endured.

Reports have revealed that Jada endured a horrifying two-month ordeal of beatings before her life was cut short. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled her death a homicide caused by multiple injuries due to child abuse, leaving her with severe contusions often seen in car crash victims.


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