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NBA President YC Maikyau’s 2024 New Year Message



Constitution of the NBA AGC 2024 Planning Committee and National Remuneration Committee.

It is with great delight and joy that I wish you all a glorious New Year—2024 and beyond. We are thankful to God Almighty for the blessings and successes of 2023, despite the challenges within the legal profession and the country at large.

We are grateful to God for the gift of life to witness the New Year—a privilege that must not be taken lightly or for granted. My heartfelt prayer is that 2024 will be filled with joy, goodness, and remarkable growth in our personal and professional lives and as a nation. 

As the new year unfolds, I wish to take the liberty to remind us once more of the critical role we play in nation-building. As members of the legal profession, we must re-awaken our primary responsibilities to our nation and its people.

NBA President YC Maikyau's 2024 New Year Message

As encapsulated in the words of Sir Christopher Alexander Sapara Williams, “The legal practitioner lives for the direction of his people and the advancement of the cause of his country.”

The enormity and crucial nature of this responsibility thrust on us by the sheer privilege of our membership in the legal profession was underscored by Sir Adetokunbo Ademola, CJN (of blessed memory), when he said that “the respect in which the bar in any country is held is the best indicator of the freedom in that country.”

NBA President YC Maikyau's 2024 New Year Message

With this understanding, we must fight for the restoration and preservation of the dignity of the legal profession. We must engage in this fight with every fibre of our being if we are to recover, reform, and reposition Nigeria in every facet of our national life.

It is the legacy we must strive to bequeath to the next generation of lawyers to sustain socio-economic and political re-engineering as we chart the course of Nigeria’s nation-building. It was Rt. Hon. Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland, KC, Secretary General of the Commonwealth, who defined the modus by which all these can be achieved by us in the following words:

“We lawyers are a dangerous breed; we challenge and refuse to let anarchy, unfairness, and inequity reign. We stand in the gap. We refuse to be silent. We fight, not with arms, but with words. We use the law as our weapon and wield it with skill and determination. We must teach the next generation to do the same. You play a central role in setting the parameters for the next generation of lawyers, who will have the formidable task of safeguarding the rule of law in the new and challenging context in which we now live.”

Consequently, we cannot afford to fail to fulfil our primary responsibility of providing leadership and guidance on matters that affect the socioeconomic and political development of our nation.

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