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Former Nigerian Justice Commissioner Accused of Betraying Nation in P&ID Case



Former Nigerian Justice Commissioner Accused of Betraying Nation in P&ID Case

In a shocking revelation, the former justice commissioner of Lagos State, Mr Supo Shasore, has been accused of betraying Nigeria’s trust in the high-stakes legal battle against the Irish company P&ID. The accusations, brought to light in the UK High Court Justice Queen’s Bench Division Commercial Court, suggest that Shasore’s conduct was compromised, leading to severe implications for Nigeria’s case.

According to the judgment delivered by Sir Ross Cranston, it was alleged that Shasore, the first lawyer Nigeria hired to defend the nation’s interest, succumbed to corruption at the hands of P&ID, thereby jeopardizing Nigeria’s stance in the nearly $10 billion legal dispute.

Former Nigerian Justice Commissioner Accused of Betraying Nation in P&ID Case

During the proceedings, Nigeria’s lawyer, Mr Howard, accused Shasore of intentionally presenting a weak defence, ultimately leading to unfavourable rulings in the arbitration process. This, it is claimed, was a result of Shasore’s alleged collusion with P&ID, implicating the former commissioner in a scandal that has sent shockwaves through Nigeria’s legal and political landscape.

Highlighting specific instances of alleged misconduct, Mr Howard pointed out that Shasore advised a swift settlement without exploring potential defence strategies and concealed his involvement from his own firm. Furthermore, Shasore’s failure to seek crucial information during the arbitration and his alleged inadequacy in challenging critical aspects of P&ID’s case has raised significant concerns about his role in the legal battle.

The accusations have sparked a firestorm of criticism and outrage within Nigeria, with many questioning the integrity of the legal process and the individuals entrusted with defending the nation’s interests. As the controversy unfolds, calls for a thorough investigation into the matter and strict accountability measures have intensified as Nigerians seek justice and transparency in the handling of such critical national issues.

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