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Nigeria’s P&ID Case: Allegations of Corruption Against Legal Representatives Shock the Nation.



Nigeria's P&ID Case: Allegations of Corruption Against Legal Representatives Shock the Nation.

The legal saga surrounding the Nigerian government’s battle against the Irish company P&ID has taken a dramatic turn, with Nigeria levelling serious allegations against its own legal representatives, including Mr Shasore SAN and others. These accusations, emerging from a detailed court proceeding, have cast a cloud of suspicion over the integrity of specific key legal figures involved in the case.

Nigerian Government Celebrates Victory in P&ID Case.

Nigeria’s claims centre around allegations of corruption and misconduct by Mr Shasore SAN, the lead counsel for Nigeria in the P&ID arbitration. The accusations suggest that Mr Shasore may have colluded with P&ID, allowing false evidence to go unchallenged and hindering Nigeria from presenting a robust defence. However, the court’s judgment indicates that there was no conclusive evidence of corruption against Mr. Shasore, citing several instances where his actions appeared consistent with Nigeria’s best interests.

Furthermore, the allegations extend to other legal figures, including Mr Dikko, Ms Belgore, Ms Adelore, and Mr Oguine. Nigeria alleges that these individuals were also involved in corrupt practices, pointing to unexplained financial transactions and suspicious payments. However, the evidence presented during the trial was deemed insufficient to substantiate claims of bribery by P&ID.

The controversy has further deepened with the revelation that Nigeria’s internal legal documents had been obtained by P&ID, raising serious concerns about the security of sensitive information and the integrity of the legal process.

The case has raised questions about the actions and integrity of various legal representatives involved, prompting a call for a thorough investigation into the matter. As the legal battle continues, the Nigerian government faces the daunting task of restoring public trust and ensuring transparency in its pursuit of justice in the P&ID case.

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