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Fire Outbreak at Nigeria’s Supreme Court Shakes Capital



Fire Outbreak at Nigeria's Supreme Court Shakes Capital

In a startling incident on Monday morning, a fire outbreak wreaked havoc at the Supreme Court of Nigeria in the Three Arms Zone of Abuja. Shrouded in mystery, the blaze caused significant damage to parts of this federal institution and sent building occupants scrambling for safety.

Reports indicate that the fire consumed the offices of some justices, leaving behind a scene of charred destruction. Festus Akande, the Public Relations Officer for the Court, shed some light on the incident in an interview with Channels Television.

He explained that the fire originated from an electrical malfunction within one of the Chambers of the Justices. Fortunately, the flames were swiftly subdued with the use of fire extinguishers.

Akande emphasized that social media reports suggesting casualties were mere “fake news,” reassuring the public that there were no such tragic outcomes. Also Read:

An anonymous source revealed that the fire outbreak commenced around 6 a.m. The quick response of the cleaners on duty and early-bird workers helped detect the fire, prompting them to raise the alarm. They valiantly employed the fire extinguishers within the building to combat the flames.

As of the reporting time, three justices’ offices, including Justice Mohammed Saulawa, had been entirely razed by the fire, and the flames continued to spread.

This unfortunate incident unfolded just days after the 2023 presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, and the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, filed their cases at the Supreme Court. Their issues sought to challenge the verdict of the Presidential Election Petition Court, which upheld Bola Tinubu’s declaration as the victor of the 2023 presidential election.

Atiku’s appeal, consisting of 35 grounds, asserted that the tribunal’s judgment contained grave errors and a miscarriage of justice. It maintained that the tribunal failed to nullify the election despite evidence suggesting non-compliance with the Electoral Act of 2022 and a grave and gross misrepresentation by INEC. The appeal called for a reversal of the tribunal’s findings and conclusions.

Similarly, Peter Obi filed an appeal against the Election Petition Tribunal’s judgment, which had upheld President Tinubu’s victory. His appeal echoed concerns about errors and miscarriages of justice in the tribunal’s findings, emphasizing the need to reevaluate the declaration of Tinubu as President by INEC.

As investigations into the Supreme Court fire incident continue, it is undoubtedly a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s legal landscape, marked by tragedy and the pursuit of justice.

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