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Maiden RMF Annual Conference empowers over 500 men in Lagos.

Maiden RMF Annual Conference empowers over 500 men in Lagos.



Maiden RMF Annual Conference empowers over 500 men in Lagos.

Mentoring male folks to be mentally, economically and socially fit for marriage will go a long way in stemming the growing marital problems and enable couples to achieve their vision of happy and successful marital life.

Some resource persons on investment, social and marital issues advanced this point at a conference for men in Lagos, organised by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Lagos Province 16, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Known as “Anchor -2023 RMF Annual Conference, ” the event in its maiden edition has the theme “Still Standing” and is aimed at impacting men’s 21st-century skills and mindset to succeed in marriage and all other endeavours.

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One of the facilitators, Mr Isaac Orolugbagbe, an investment expert and international speaker, harped on the need for men to continuously upgrade themselves through training in diverse areas to make better investment decisions and properly manage their families.

He said,” In most universities in Nigeria, we have more female enrolment than men. The number is rising. “In another 10 years, all those girls will become MDs. They are going to become rich. Our men must be trained to identify that they will marry intelligent and successful women.

“The days of marrying unsuccessful women are going by. So the men need skills to marry and manage successful women. We don’t know how to manage successful people”.

Mr Orolugbagbe noted that though the times were hard, there were a lot of opportunities in the country. With the proper knowledge and exposure, men could identify opportunities and invest in them to pull their families out of poverty.

He advised that everyone should contribute his or her quota in finding solutions to the challenges in the country, not waiting on the government alone. According to him,

“You just need to stand up and be part of those who are going to provide solutions and solve the problem; you will find your own opportunities there.

” If it’s education you don’t like, set up a school; If it’s healthcare, you will find opportunities there. “Many people are providing the solution, not just the complainants. “This same program is what we all need in Nigeria to rekindle hope.”

On her part, a business executive and seasoned minister, Pastor Wonuola Adetayo, said couples would maintain a reasonable level of peace between them by devoting more time to be together and communicating effectively.

Pastor Adetayo, who lamented the adverse effects of social media on relationships, advised that while at home, family members should spend quality time together and not be carried away by their phones.

Maiden RMF Annual Conference empowers over 500 men in Lagos.

In an address of welcome, the convener, Pastor Biyi Famoyegun, pointed out that no matter how difficult the circumstances of life may be, people have the power to rise above them.

Pastor Famoyegun, therefore, encouraged Nigerians to learn to support others, as such would make it easier for them to succeed. Shedding more light on the conference, he explained that,

” We have gathered today to see how we can balance the other aspects of life so that our home will be stable, our career will be moving forward and generally, our testimony as children of God will be preserved.

That’s the whole essence of today’s meeting. Our team is still standing, and when you look at the situation in the country, many people can no longer find their footing.

“This is a way of assisting the government in reducing poverty, in empowering people to do something for themselves. The message for the beneficiaries today is that they should not look at themselves as people who don’t have hope.

They should see themselves being moved from the company of beggars to the company of people who can also do something for others. It is just a matter of time”.

Over 500 men were in attendance, including CEOs, managers of financial institutions, lecturers, community leaders, pastors and youth leaders. They received education in leadership, investment opportunities, family and marriage.

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