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Caleb Oboagwina’s Impactful Visit to The NBA President, Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau OON, SAN.




The Nigerian Bar Association witnessed a historic moment as Oboagwina ESQ visited the esteemed president. This meeting transcended formality; it was a lively celebration marked by awards, literary gifts, and a shared commitment to shaping the future of law. Join us as we explore this remarkable encounter that left a lasting impression on the legal landscape.

During the visit, Caleb Oboagwina presented President Maikyau with an Award of Excellence, recognizing the President’s outstanding contributions to lawyers’ welfare in Nigeria and his leadership of the continent’s largest bar. This award symbolizes the collective gratitude of the legal community for President Maikyau’s unwavering dedication to the legal profession.

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A notable moment was the presentation of a copy of “EASYREAD SERIES ON CRIMINAL LITIGATION,” a book authored by Caleb Oboagwina, ESQ. This gesture celebrated the president’s leadership and acknowledged his commitment to upholding legal excellence.

The ensuing luncheon provided an intimate setting for both legal luminaries to reminisce about their shared journey. The 31st President of the Nigerian Bar Association expressed gratitude for the support from the Easyread Community and its mentor during his bid to become the celebrated President of the Nigerian Bardear Association. He spoke warmly of Caleb’s genuine support and the manifestation of true camaraderie.

President Maikyau also seized the opportunity to convey his passion for teaching and commended mr Caleb for his significant impact on the legal profession.

President Maikyau shared insightful perspectives on continuous learning, emphasizing that wisdom can be gleaned from materials of any size and quantity. He remembered learning the proverb “crocodile tears” from a book he picked up from his child. He explained that the proverb symbolizes the shedding of tears by a crocodile not out of remorse but during the consumption of its prey. This insightful revelation underlined his belief in the diverse sources of knowledge.

Caleb Oboagwina took a moment to celebrate Mrs. Linda Bala, the 1st Vice President of the Nigerian Bar, who recently marked her 65th birthday. A heartfelt congratulations to Mrs B’ for this significant milestone.

The meeting showcased the unity and mutual respect within the Nigerian Bar Association. As we navigate the legal landscape, let us persist in celebrating excellence, camaraderie, and the shared passion for advancing the legal profession.


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