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Senator Tony Nwoye’s Outburst: A Critical Analysis: Dr Ubani



Senator Tony Nwoye's Outburst: A Critical Analysis: Dr Ubani

Upon careful review of the trending video depicting Senator Tony Nwoye’s outburst on the floor of the Senate regarding the leadership change of the minority parties, it is imperative to express that the outburst was not only deemed childish and unnecessary but, regrettably, an exhibition of extreme immaturity by the distinguished senator.

The essence of the matter begs the question: what was truly at stake? The minority parties’ caucus effectuated changes in their leadership and duly forwarded their names and signatures to the Senate President, the traditionally and legally empowered presiding officer, for the announcement of such changes.

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In this process, what wrongdoing did the Senate President commit? Does he not have the right to announce the caucus’s decision, or must Senator Godswill Akpabio face constant crucifixion due to personal sentiments or animosity? It is essential to ponder who has enslaved whom in this scenario.

The perplexing aspect arises from the fact that some Nigerians are applauding Senator Nwoye’s misconduct. This admiration is perplexing, and the justification for deeming this parliamentary outburst acceptable remains elusive.

Are we, as a people, incapable of addressing issues rationally? Senator Tony Nwoye ought to receive comprehensive training on the use of parliamentary language and decorum when expressing grievances or advancing points of disagreement.

Even if, for the sake of argument, one were to consider that the Senate President’s announcement was flawed or had a ‘k-leg,’ the proper objection could have been raised decently by the distinguished senator, adhering to parliamentary language and decorum.

In conclusion, Senator Tony Nwoye’s behaviour indicates a gross lack of maturity, warranting proper tutelage on how to conduct oneself and address matters of national importance within the esteemed chambers of parliament.

The majority of well-informed Nigerians observing the incident are far from impressed by Senator Nwoye’s outburst. His conduct, perceived as descending to a disrespectful level towards the Senate President as an institution, left his colleagues visibly embarrassed.

The need for rationality and adherence to internal rules in the National Assembly proceedings cannot be overstated. A prayer point is raised for more mature and responsible conduct in future parliamentary engagements.

Dr. Monday Ubani
Legal Practitioner, Lagos


Senator Tony Nwoye's Outburst: A Critical Analysis: Dr Ubani
Senator Tony Nwoye's Outburst: A Critical Analysis: Dr Ubani
Senator Tony Nwoye's Outburst: A Critical Analysis: Dr Ubani

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