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Strengthening Bonds: NBA President’s Address During the Ikeja District and Society of ICAN (IDSICAN) Visit.



Strengthening Bonds: NBA President's Address During the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) Visit

The Chairman of the Ikeja District and Society of ICAN (IDSICAN), Mr. Zakka Bala, and his executive committee paid a courtesy visit to the president of the Nigerian Bar Association. During this visit, Mr Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, OON, SAN, had a substantive discussion focused on the institute’s accomplishments, its leadership, and the far-reaching impact of their endeavours on society.

The institute’s President expressed deep gratitude for the contributions made by the Nigerian Bar Association and hoped for the continuation of their strong relationship. He also mentioned the valuable knowledge gained from the NBA, which they intend to pass on to future generations.

In response, Mr. Maikyau humbly acknowledged the importance of accountability in leadership, emphasizing the need for leaders to have someone they are answerable to, and this person should be made known to the people they lead. He expressed his admiration for the institute, which stemmed from their interviews and discussions, noting their conversations’ passion, clarity, and depth of understanding.

The NBA President, Mr Yakubu, highlighted the significance of the national dialogue, an unprecedented move by the NBA. He explained that lawyers’ primary responsibility is providing guidance, fostering interactions, and advancing the nation’s interests. He cited a statement by S. Williams, the first Nigerian to be called to the English bar, which described a legal practitioner as someone called to direct their people and advance their country’s cause.

He stressed the critical role of lawyers in shaping the nation’s destiny, as everything in the country revolves around the law. Therefore, they must instruct and guide people on the law’s application to bring value and justice to society.

The national dialogue focused on crucial topics such as security, the economy, and the administration of justice. Mr Maikyau explained that the conference aimed to hold aspiring leaders accountable for their promises to the Nigerian people, ensuring they fulfil their commitments.

Mr. Maikyau also addressed the issue of socialized stealing, where specific actions have been normalized in society due to the consistency and insistence of a few individuals. He called for a change in this narrative through consistent efforts and tenacity.

Furthermore, Mr. Maikyau highlighted the significance of the National Planning Act 1992, establishing a commission to implement Chapter 2 of the constitution, focusing on state policies’ fundamental objectives and principles. He emphasized the need for honest and sincere implementation of existing laws to address issues like marginalization. He assured the audience that limitations from the past would be lifted.

In closing, Mr. Maikyau expressed his gratitude for the institute’s contributions to society and encouraged them not to underestimate their productivity. He believed their efforts would bear fruit in due time, with the grace of God.


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