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Elevating Financial Integrity: Blessing Udofa-Poromon.



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In the Nigerian Bar Association, the role of the National Treasurer is of significant importance, contributing to the effective financial management and oversight of the organization. The treasurer plays a crucial role in maintaining the financial health and integrity of the association, ensuring transparency, accountability, and prudent management of resources.

Some key responsibilities and functionalities of the National Treasurer include, but are not limited to:

  1. Financial Management: Overseeing the financial affairs of the Nigerian Bar Association, including budgeting, financial planning, and investment strategies to ensure the association’s long-term financial sustainability.
  2. Budget Oversight: Developing and monitoring the annual budget, ensuring that financial resources are allocated appropriately to various programs and initiatives aligned with the association’s objectives and priorities.
  3. Financial Reporting: Providing regular and accurate financial reports to the executive committee and general assembly, offering insights into the financial performance and status of the association.
  4. Compliance and Audit: Ensuring compliance with financial regulations and conducting periodic audits to guarantee adherence to established financial policies and procedures.
  5. Fundraising and Resource Mobilization: Exploring opportunities for fundraising and resource mobilization, seeking partnerships and sponsorships to support the initiatives and projects of the Nigerian Bar Association.
  6. Financial Planning and Risk Management: Formulating effective financial strategies and risk management policies to safeguard the association’s financial assets and investments, promoting fiscal stability and sustainability.
Elevating Financial Integrity: Blessing Udofa-Poromon.

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In light of the indispensable role of the National Treasurer, Blessing Udofa-Poromon’s candidacy represents a promising opportunity if given the chance to serve. With a demonstrated commitment to the ideals of integrity, transparency, and ethical financial stewardship, Blessing’s professional background and dedication to the principles of the legal profession make her an ideal candidate for this crucial role.

Blessing Udofa-Poromon’s proven track record of diligence, integrity, and financial acumen suits her to uphold the sanctity of the association’s financial management. Her dedication to service and her deep understanding of the ethical and operational complexities within the legal fraternity make her a credible choice for the role of National Treasurer, with the potential to contribute significantly to the continued progress and development of our Association.

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