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Celebrating the Inauguration of Distinguished Justices of the Court of Appeal: NBA President.



Celebrating the Inauguration of Distinguished Justices of the Court of Appeal

It was indeed an esteemed honour to have received a cordial invitation from the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Kayode Ariwoola, to attend the solemn and momentous ceremony for the swearing-in of nine distinguished Justices of the Court of Appeal.

During his solemn address, Chief Justice Ariwoola delivered profound insights into the monumental responsibility that now rests upon the shoulders of these newly appointed Justices. He emphasized the unprecedented public scrutiny they shall face in discharging their duties and urged them to uphold unwavering integrity and conscientiousness.

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The Chief Justice reminded them that their conduct would not only be under the watchful eyes of the Almighty but also subject to the discerning gaze of the Nigerian people.

Chief Justice Ariwoola also shed light on the current legal landscape, expressing his concern about the significant burden posed by the increasing number of political cases and litigation. He eloquently stressed the importance of exploring alternative dispute-resolution mechanisms to relieve our courts from undue pressure and prevent the depletion of valuable resources.

In this pivotal moment, as we witness the augmentation of the Court of Appeal, the words of Chief Justice Ariwoola resound with wisdom and foresight. The dedication and commitment of these new Justices are indispensable as they navigate their roles within the justice system. The Chief Justice’s caution against temptations that may tarnish their reputation serves as a guiding beacon for these esteemed individuals.

I accepted this gracious invitation with profound gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility. I fervently hope that this ceremony shall mark a new chapter in the pursuit of justice and uphold the principles of integrity and excellence at the core of our legal system.

I attended this August event with unwavering respect and anticipation, fully mindful of its significance for our legal fraternity and the nation.

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