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Call for Tinubu to Incorporate the Youngest Presidential Candidate into Government.



Tinubu with Youngest Presidential Candidate: Legal Attorney Blog.

A group known as Concerned Nigerian Youths (CNY) has strongly urged President Bola Tinubu to seriously consider the inclusion of Professor Christopher Imumolen, the youngest presidential candidate, in his administration.

In a statement signed by their leader, Hassan Ahmed, the group emphasized that failing to incorporate Imumolen into President Tinubu’s administration would be a significant omission.

The statement highlighted President Tinubu’s commendable efforts in assembling a diverse ministerial team comprised of individuals with extensive political and leadership backgrounds, all dedicated to achieving excellence despite challenging circumstances.

Tinubu with Youngest Presidential Candidate:  Legal Attorney Blog.

Tinubu with Youngest Presidential Candidate: Legal Attorney Blog.

Hassan Ahmed recalled the heightened expectations that followed President Tinubu’s post-victory speech, which promised inclusivity and robust youth representation. The nation eagerly anticipated how it would overcome its pressing challenges.

Furthermore, Hassan Ahmed expressed the collective astonishment of many citizens at the exclusion of Professor Imumolen from the administration. Imumolen, who represented the Accord Party as the youngest presidential candidate at 39 during a heated election, possesses an impressive track record.

It is perplexing that he has not yet been considered for a significant role in the leadership of the country, especially at a time when Nigeria urgently requires dedicated patriots and emerging statesmen to guide its affairs. Also Read:

According to Hassan, Imumolen’s curriculum vitae is marked by remarkable academic achievements and substantial socio-economic contributions, making him a prime candidate for a vital role in the nation’s leadership. Also Read:


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