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Obaseki meets with LP candidates: Edo



Obaseki meets with LP candidates: Edo

Obaseki meets with LP candidates: Edo

Governor Godwin Obaseki meets with Labour party candidates for Edo state house of Assembly.


It will be recalled that the Governor Goodwin refused to provide Samuel OGBEMUDIA stadium to

Peter Obi when he was in Edo state for campaign.He gave unnecessary reasons for his actions.

His action was not democratic as the people of Edo State were left in total denial.


Edo State Governor in secret meetings with LP candidates.

My fellow Edolites, the forthcoming 11th March 2023 election will not be political party orientated

but rather based on competency, capacity, capability, availablity, ideal, professionality and able.

That will be the best. Edo state is the heart of Nigeria.



Obaseki Appeal to Edo State People

This time around, lets not be decieved by any individual to feather his sole interest but rather the

collective interest and well being of Edo people. Therefore, the Edo state house of Assembly should

be composed with persons proven to be reasonable, reliable and, knowledgeable. That is

why Edo state is different from other states in Nigeria.


Obaseki meets with LP candidates: Edo

The ability of people that can legislate and make laws for the general well-being of the Edo

people. The Edo state house of Assembly needs enthusiastic members that are proficients in

reconciliations, and conciliations, make laws that will satisfy the masses and have human face



Remember, our mothers, sisters , brothers and friends in the markets, they have suffered much

from unwarranted levies and taxation.This must stop. Therefore, the Assembly requires qualified,

feasible, strong and skilful hands that will make the train move perfectly well.

God bless you
God bless Edo state
God bless Nigeria
Thank you.


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