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National Rescue Congress (NRC) Stands with Peter Obi: Upholding Democracy and the Rule of Law



National Rescue Congress (NRC) Stands with Peter Obi: Upholding Democracy and the Rule of Law

In a recent press conference, Mr Peter Gregory Obi, the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, expressed deep concern over what he perceives as a failure of the Supreme Court Justices to fulfil their judicial and constitutional roles in the context of the Nigerian Supreme Court’s judgment on the 2023 Presidential election. His remarks underscore a profound worry about the state of democracy and the rule of law in Nigeria.


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Traditionally regarded as the protector of rights and the impartial interpreter of the law, the judiciary is now viewed with scepticism. The Supreme Court, entrusted with upholding the Constitution, is accused of neglecting this sacred duty for political expediency, thus breaching the trust of the people it serves.

Mr Obi’s statement, “This Supreme Court ruling may represent the state of the law in 2023 but not the present demand for substantive justice,” highlights a disparity between legal formalities and the moral quest for justice. The Court’s recent ruling reflects a mechanical application of technicalities, neglecting the essence of justice and fairness.

A Compromised Verdict:

The confounding and troubling Supreme Court ruling represents a significant departure from its constitutional obligations. More than an error in judgment, it signifies a deliberate disregard for the oath of office taken by each justice to uphold the Constitution and its principles.

The perceived failings of the Nigerian judiciary serve as a call for judicial independence and integrity. By tolerating breaches of constitutional parameters for presidential candidates, the Court has not only undermined the law but has also shaken the very foundations of Nigerian democracy. NRC stands in solidarity with Mr Obi’s call for a return to judicial responsibility, where sovereignty truly belongs to the people and democracy emerges as the victor, not the victim.

National Rescue Congress (NRC) Stands in Solidarity:

The National Rescue Congress (NRC) stands in solidarity with Mr Obi’s thought-provoking reflections during his recent press conference on November 6th, 2023, regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election. We believe that Democracy in Nigeria stands at a critical juncture.

The Supreme Court’s judgment is a symptom of a broader issue affecting the judiciary’s image and effectiveness. This verdict raises serious concerns not only for democracy globally but also for the entire Nigerian polity and the political stability of Africa. It hints at a judiciary under pressure, influenced by political forces, and a compromised democratic process due to judicial abdication.

National Rescue Congress (NRC) Stands with Peter Obi: Upholding Democracy and the Rule of Law

A Call for Unity and Action:

NRC’s position is resolute. We must strive to safeguard our freedom, guided by the enduring truths upheld by our faith, or risk succumbing to the shackles of complacency and ignorance. We advocate for a society governed by courage, not fear, and action, not inaction. The path to preserving our freedom is clear; we must tread it with unwavering determination.

Freedom is a collective aspiration that demands individual responsibility. We urge every Nigerian to defend our rights and the Constitution actively. Together, we form an indomitable force dedicated to upholding Freedom, Faith, the Rule of Law, and Constitutional governance.

Awakening for Change:

As John Milton once urged, we must awaken from our slumber or face eternal downfall. The time has come for the courageous to inspire the hesitant, as the few often guide the many toward monumental change.

We invite those who share our commitment to the ideals of Faith and freedom to join our cause. With collective effort, victory is not a mere possibility but a certainty. History is shaped by the few who act with conviction and determination, not by those who wait for change to occur.

Our Legacy:

We choose freedom in the face of oppression. This choice will define us for generations to come—a people who stood firm, acted with righteousness and achieved victory in the struggle for a just and liberated society. Let us respond to the call of freedom with courage and certainty, defending our nation, our Constitution, and our inherent rights against all threats.

The NRC remains committed to this fight, knowing that our cause is just and our vision is clear. We stand for a Nigeria where democracy is not merely a concept but our society’s living, breathing essence. Together, we will remember this moment in history and shape it for our nation’s and its people’s betterment.

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