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Agency, Business, and Legal Writing



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Of all those arts in which the wise excel

Nature’s chief masterpiece is writing well

Writing well is the most vital and yet the rarest skill in law. By far the most troubling deficiency in the discipline of law is that of written communication. Attorneys sorely need to update and upgrade their writing skills.

This is where The Write House comes in.

The Write House is Africa’s leading authority on legal writing. We have a uniquely firm grasp of legal-writing art and science and have, over the past 11 years, trained delegates from more than 333 organizations. We are peerlessly equipped to provide the curriculum, faculty, materials, and pedagogy for this workshop.

Agency, Business, and Legal Writing is as sweeping a treatment of its subject as you can find anywhere. This 3-day workshop disciplines attorneys to write with communicative effectiveness and efficiency. It also motivates attorneys to prefer clear and coherent language to the legalese and verbosity that have besmirched legal writing for centuries. It features a 1,500-slide PowerPoint presentation, a 635-page course book, challenging exercises, and other training materials.

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Are you afflicted with steroidal semantics?

Judicial Writing: A Benchmark for the Bench

Here are some of the topics covered in Agency, Business, and Legal Writing:

· Imbibe reader-focused writing.
· Curtail legalese and verbosity.
· Prefer the active voice.
· Eschew intensifiers.
· Step up your professional correspondence: emails, letters, and memos.
· Distinguish between transitive, intransitive, and linking verbs.
· Implement parallel structure.
· Situate your modifiers to eliminate confusion.
· Use nominative and objective pronouns correctly.
· Supplant oxymorons and redundancies with concise alternatives.
· Abandon linguistic sexism. Embrace gender equity in modern communication.
· Expel expletives and don’t let metadiscourse metastasize.
· OMG! Learn proper use and nuances of abbreviations, acronyms, clippings, contractions, hybrids, and initialisms.
· Master punctuation.
· Construct lists and build tables with aplomb.
· Use arabic numerals for most numbers.
· Format minimally with boldface, capitalization, and italics. Never underline anything.
· Cite and quote like a pro. Never plagiarize.

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You will derive immense benefits from this course. You will gain a sharp competitive edge in the profession—locally and globally, academically and practically.

Dates: Wednesday 8–Friday 10 November 2023
Time: 8.30 a.m.–5.30 p.m. each day
Venue: The Colossus, Ikeja Lagos
Fee: N200,000 per participant (Please pay to The Write House, 0153954433, GTBank.)

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