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NBA-AGC: Elumelu Urges Further Investment In Nigeria’s Power Sector



Founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tony O. Elumelu, has stressed the urgent need to invest in Nigeria’s power sector, addressing the paradox of a nation rich in gas resources yet struggling with power shortages.

Elumelu delivered a stirring address at the Nigerian Bar Association’s (NBA) Annual General Conference yesterday and made a resounding call for unity and concerted action.

Speaking before a distinguished audience, including President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Elumelu underscored the imperative of nation-building in Nigeria.

He hailed the recent economic decisions taken to address systemic issues and encouraged further boldness in policymaking. Read More:

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The serial entrepreneur pointed to a real-world example, the TransAfam Power Plant, where challenges with gas supply highlight the need for urgent regulatory reform.

Elumelu expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to address the gathering and commended the NBA’s choice of the topic, emphasising the shared ambition of all attendees – to contribute to a true renaissance of Nigeria.

Highlighting the country’s vast potential and the remarkable achievements of Nigerians across various sectors globally, Elumelu painted a picture of Nigeria as a nation with boundless resources and talents.

He called for collaboration and unity, transcending individual backgrounds, religious beliefs, and political affiliations, stressing that nation-building is a collective endeavour that demands the participation of every citizen, not just the government.

Elumelu outlined his vision for a renewed Nigeria by focusing on the critical components of nation-building. He stressed the significance of investing in the country’s youth, fostering an entrepreneurial culture, and building regulatory structures that reward success. The business magnate passionately advocated empowering women and prioritising education to create a foundation for sustainable growth.

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NBA-AGC: Elumelu Urges Further Investment In Nigeria’s Power Sector

Elumelu is also highlighted. Furthermore, Elumelu called for a strengthened justice system, improved security measures, and a renewed focus on Nigerian identity. He underscored the importance of instilling pride in the nation’s citizens and the necessity of embracing the African concept of “Africapitalism,” which promotes equitable prosperity and shared values.

In concluding remarks, Elumelu urged attendees to approach nation-building with unwavering determination and empathy, reminding everyone of the responsibility to create a legacy of progress, unity, and hope for future generations.

He called for the transformation of Nigeria into a beacon of hope and inspiration for the entire continent.

Tony O. Elumelu’s address resonated deeply with the audience, igniting a renewed commitment to the nation’s future. As Nigeria stands at a crossroads, his words serve as a rallying call for collaboration and action, reminding all Nigerians that the path to a brighter future lies in their hands.

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