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John Okafor, aka (Mr Ibu), accused of domestic violence: Wife



John Okafor, aka (Mr Ibu), accused of domestic violence: Wife

John Okafor, aka (Mr Ibu), accused of domestic violence: Wife

In a video shared by famous Instagram blogger, Gistlover, Stella revealed that Mr Ibu’s alleged daughter, Jasmine, is plotting to dupe her husband because he’s suffering from dementia and, as such, can’t remember things.

She alleged that Jasmine is aware of Ibu’s memory loss which is why she is taking the edge off him and has been treading herself as one of the actor’s children.

She alleged that her husband and his alleged daughter seem to be having a sexual affair secretly, and the actor has many baby mamas, including the one she isn’t aware of.


Mr Ibu’s Wife Accuses Him Of Domestic Violence, Alleges He’s Sleeping With Daughter, Jasmine [Video] Kanyi Daily News

 John Okafor, aka (Mr Ibu), accused of domestic violence: Stella

Stella added that her kids are currently out of school because of a lack of fees, as Jasmine, in charge of Ibu’s accounts, wouldn’t authorize paying their school fees.

Ibu’s wife lamented that Jasmine has an eight-year-old daughter going to school, but the fast-rising social media influencer refused to approve her children’s fees.

She further revealed that Jasmine is currently on the verge of selling Ibu’s CBN estate in Abuja for N65 million while threatening to send them packing from the house she (Stella) ‘s living with her four children.

 John Okafor, aka (Mr Ibu), accused of domestic violence: Stella

In one of the videos shared by Gistlovers, Mr Ibu could be seen angrily confronting Stella while threatening to unleash his wrath on her if she doesn’t tell him the issue she has with Chioma Jasmine.

Another video shows Stella crying while stating that Ibu came from his girlfriend’s house to beat her up while spilling the wrongs the actor has meted out on her and her children.

Jasmine allegedly went as far as arresting Stella with police from the Ajiwe police station, where they threatened her to keep silent and vacate her house, which has been placed for sale.

Ibu’s wife revealed that her husband is from Enugu State, but his so-called alleged daughter is from Imo state, and her real name is “Chioma Florence Okekeagukwu”.

 John Okafor, aka (Mr Ibu), accused of domestic violence: Stella

According to her, Chioma changed her name to “Jasmine Okafor” after gaining her way into Ibu’s heart and manipulating him into neglecting his wife and four children.

Stella claimed Jasmine is now Ibu’s manager and has been receiving all money allocated to him, stressing that she has to pass through the alleged daughter to get money from her husband.

Ibu’s wife also revealed that Jasmine is managing the actor’s social media accounts as he doesn’t remember his password, and she uses his pages to boost her influence online.

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