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Atiku Pledges Business Overhaul in Aba: Umuahia



Atiku Pledges Business Overhaul in Aba: Umuahia

Atiku Pledges Business Overhaul in Aba: Umuahia

The Presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has committed to set aside a substantial amount of money for rehabilitating businesses in Aba, Abia State and the entire South East geo-political zone of the country if voted in as the next president.

The PDP presidential flag bearer made the promise while addressing a presidential campaign rally in Umuahia, the Abia State capital. Alhaji Atiku also pledged to ensure the provision of railways and repair of federal roads in the South-Eastern region by the time PDP wins power at the centre.


Atiku Pledges Business Overhaul in Aba: Umuahia

Atiku Pledges Business Overhaul in Aba: Umuahia

The former Vice President of the country between 1999 and 2007 pledged to make the dry port in Aba functional as soon as he was elected; however, while resident While expressing optimism that PDP would emerge victorious in the forthcoming general election, Alhaji Atiku appealed to the people of Abia State, the South East and Nigerians in general not to be distracted by some political parties that may be playing either religious or ethnic cards.

The presidential candidate said, “Let me te, ll you, PDP will win. Therefore, it is better that you are on a winning ticket than o key that cannot take you anywhere. “I appeal to you not to be distracted by other political parties playing the religious or ethnic card.

“In PDP, we have no religious or ethnic card; we play only Nigeria card. A card that will bring everybody on board, a card that will give a sense of belonging to every part of this country, to every religion, to every ethnicity. “I have seen several requests that you have made here. These requests are legitimate and fall within our policy which we tagged: My Covenant with Nigerians, meaning our promise to Nigerians.


Aba, Abia State To Get Financial Support From Alh Atiku

“The issue of the railway is there; the rehabilitation of federal roads is also there. Aba is the capital of the South East as far as business is concerned. “I remember when I addressed the business community in the South East in Aba, I promised them that I would set out a lot of money to rehabilitate businesses in Aba. That promise is still there.

“My Vice president has announced that we will set aside $10bn to make sure that we support businesses, particularly in this part of the country.

“On Abia dry port, many of you may not be aware, but as Vice President, I approve that dry port. “The promoters know that, but for me, they would not have gotten the approval to set up that dry port. So, therefore, ensure my pleasure to make sure that thoperatesnctions and are operating.


Atiku Pledges Business Overhaul in Aba: Umuahia

“We in PDP will be prepared to give Abians what Abians want. It is not an issue of ethnicity; it is not an issue of religion, but an issue of good governance. “You can all bear witness that when PDP was governing, Nigeria was prospering. That was the time Nigeria became the biggest economy in Africa.

“We created more jobs and more prosperity for everybody in this country. We brought about peace, and we brought about unity. “There was no question of people saying: we were marginalized, or not represented and so on and so forth. We provided a balanced leadership to this country. So you have no reason not to vote for PDP”, he pointed out.

The Vice Presidential candidate of the PDP and Governor of Delta State, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, while also addressing the rally, pledged that the PDP, if elected, would restore the dignity of the Igbos. According to Okowa, “We want to convert the satisfaction of the Igbo, and I believe with the PDP government in place from May 29, with Atiku at the head and myself as his vice, we will restore the dignity of the Igbo man.

“I want to beg us, we must not make the mistake of dividing the votes of the PDP because APC is in power. But w…


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