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EFCC Holds Bobrisky in Special Cell Over Alleged Financial Misconduct

Bobrisky, whose real name is Idris Okuneye, is a Nigerian internet personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. He gained fame for his controversial and flamboyant lifestyle, as well as his openness about his gender identity and cross-dressing. Despite the controversy surrounding his arrest, the specifics of the charges against Bobrisky and the outcome of the EFCC’s investigation remain pending.



EFCC Holds Bobrisky in Special Cell Over Alleged Financial Misconduct

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has clarified the detention of Idris Okuneye, famously known as Bobrisky, stating that he is currently held in a specialized cell.

Following Bobrisky’s arrest, there had been speculations surrounding the nature of his custody within the EFCC’s detention facility, particularly concerning whether he was being held in male or female custody.

Bobrisky’s apprehension stemmed from a video report capturing him spraying and flaunting large sums of new Naira notes at the premiere of a movie titled “Ajakaju,” produced by Nollywood actress and producer Eniola Ajao, at the Film One Circle Mall in Lekki, Lagos, on March 24, 2024.

In an official press release, the EFCC revealed that investigations have uncovered additional instances of Bobrisky allegedly committing similar offences at various event centres and parties on separate occasions.

Subsequently, Bobrisky voluntarily presented himself for interrogation at the Lagos Zonal Command of the EFCC on Wednesday, April 4, 2024, where he provided statements. Upon the completion of investigations, he will face charges in court.

Addressing inquiries regarding Bobrisky’s custody, EFCC spokesperson Dele Oyewale confirmed that Bobrisky is being held in a separate cell. Oyewale further disclosed that Bobrisky has been granted administrative bail; however, he remains in EFCC custody as he has yet to meet the bail conditions.

The developments surrounding Bobrisky’s arrest and subsequent detention continue to draw public attention, and further updates are expected as the investigation progresses.

Controversy Surrounds Detention of Crossdresser as EFCC Investigates Lavish Displays of Wealth

The arrest of Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has ignited discussions not only about the nature of his detention but also about his persona as a crossdresser in Nigeria. Bobrisky has gained fame for his flamboyant lifestyle and bold fashion choices, often blurring traditional gender norms through his cross-dressing identity.

In Nigeria, cross-dressing itself is not explicitly illegal, but it often attracts social stigma and backlash due to prevailing conservative attitudes towards gender expression. However, Bobrisky’s detention by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is not directly related to his cross-dressing but stems from allegations of financial misconduct.

The EFCC has accused Bobrisky of extravagant wealth displays, including spraying and flaunting large sums of new Naira notes at public events. If proven, such actions could constitute offences related to financial crimes, including money laundering or fraud, which are punishable under Nigerian law.

Bobrisky’s case has drawn attention to the alleged financial misconduct and its implications for the intersection of celebrity culture, gender expression, and legal accountability in Nigeria. As investigations continue, the public awaits further updates on the outcome of the EFCC’s probe and any subsequent legal proceedings against Bobrisky.


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