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Senate Screening Drama: Ministerial Nominee Balarabe Lawal Collapses, Sparks



Reactions have poured in following the stunning collapse of ministerial nominee Balarabe Abbas Lawal during his screening session at the Senate on Wednesday. Lawal had been presenting his credentials and speaking for several minutes when he unexpectedly lost consciousness and collapsed to the floor.

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The incident unfolded in the Senate Chamber, causing chaos as several lawmakers rushed to his aid. Balarabe Lawal, the former Secretary to the Kaduna State Government, had been standing on the podium, ready to field questions after completing his presentation to the lawmakers.

The Senate promptly convened a closed-door session while efforts were made to revive the nominee, who remained inside the chamber.

A Shocking Turn of Events During Ministerial Nominee Screening

In the wake of this dramatic event, social media buzzed with reactions from concerned citizens:

  • @cute_pecky advised on first aid measures: “Lay him on his back. If there are no injuries and the person is breathing, raise the person’s legs above heart level. Loosen belts, collars or other tight clothing. Don’t get the person up too fast to reduce the chance of fainting again. ALLOW ROOM FOR ENOUGH Air!!”
  • @SeunAyo_ questioned the Senate’s preparedness: “But wait. They don’t have standby medics to attend to situations like this in the Senate. Cos dragging him like that can even worsen his situation.”
  • @aai_austin expressed concern: “Are there no medical doctors amongst these senators? Who is that one shouting give him water?

This incident has brought to light questions about emergency preparedness and response within the Senate, prompting discussions on the need for improved procedures and training.

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