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Unlocking Success in Nigerian Legal Education with the Easyread Series



Unlocking Success in Nigerian Legal Education with the Easyread Series


Nigerian legal education is renowned for demanding standards and challenging exams. Whether you’re an aspiring lawyer, a law student, or a legal professional, excelling in this field can be quite the journey. Enter the “Easyread Series on Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2nd Edition,” a game-changing resource designed to help you conquer the world of Nigerian legal education. This article will explore why this book is a must-have companion for anyone aiming for success in the Nigerian legal landscape.

Comprehensive Preparation for Success:

Containing over 1300 multiple-choice questions, this book offers an extensive collection that spans various topics in Nigerian law. What makes it stand out is its detailed explanations accompanying each question. This comprehensive approach ensures you identify the correct answers and understand the underlying legal concepts and principles.

Up-to-date with Current Laws:

Staying current with the latest laws and regulations is essential in the ever-evolving legal world. The “Easyread Series” aligns perfectly with the most recent laws, including acts like the Business Facilitation Act 2022, Police Act 2020, Court of Appeal Rules 2021, Legal Practitioner Disciplinary Committee Rule 2020, Evidence Act (as amended) 2023, Companies and Allied Matters Act (as amended) 2020, and many more. This keeps you well-informed about the most recent legal developments, a crucial aspect of legal education.

Navigating Complex Legal Timelines:

The Nigerian legal system is known for its complexity, especially when dealing with various time-bound requirements. Legal professionals, litigants, and anyone involved in legal proceedings understand the critical importance of adhering to these timelines. The “Easyread Series” takes a proactive approach by providing invaluable insights into the timeframes associated with essential actions, filings, and responses within specific legal contexts.

Clear Overview of Legal Timelines:

This book’s ability to simplify the understanding of complex legal timelines makes it exceptional. It offers a clear and concise overview of the deadlines that matter most in the Nigerian legal landscape. Whether you’re an experienced lawyer, a newcomer to legal matters, or simply interested in understanding legal timeframes, this feature provides clarity and demystifies the often-confusing world of legal deadlines.

Author Expertise:

This book is authored by Oboagwina Caleb, a respected figure in Nigerian legal education, and reflects his dedication and expertise in helping students and legal professionals succeed. Caleb’s experience shines through in the quality of the questions and explanations provided in the book, making it a trusted resource.

A Versatile Tool for Success:

The “Easyread Series” caters to various stages of your legal journey. Whether you’re a law student preparing to join the Nigerian Bar, a recent graduate seeking employment, a law firm aiming to set high standards for aptitude tests, or an organization evaluating applicants for legal scholarships, this book is indispensable. Its broad coverage and comprehensive approach make it a valuable companion at every step.


In the competitive world of Nigerian legal education, having the right resources can make all the difference. The “Easyread Series on Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2nd Edition” isn’t just a book; it’s a roadmap to success. With its extensive collection of questions, alignment with current laws, and the expertise of its author, it has firmly established itself as an indispensable resource for those aspiring to excel in the field of law. So, equip yourself with this valuable tool and pave the way for a successful legal education journey in Nigeria.

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