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“Empowering Young Lawyers: The Birth of an Endowment”



The birth of this Endowment is driven by the aim to support aspiring young lawyers who harbour a strong desire to pursue a career in legal practice but face substantial hindrances due to the lack of access to established law firms that can offer them guidance and mentorship along the path to success.

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It is crucial to acknowledge that the challenge of limited access to such opportunities is not solely the responsibility of senior professionals within the legal field.

The Igbo Apprenticeship System Adapted.

These veterans themselves grapple with various challenges, including insufficient financial resources to cater to the salary requirements of law interns and a shortage of adequate office infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of aspiring lawyers graduating annually from the Nigerian Law School.

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In response to this pressing need, the Endowment seeks to introduce a model inspired by the Igbo Apprenticeship System, known as “IGBA BOYI.” This innovative scheme aims to preserve the time-tested Igbo tradition that has consistently served as the foundation for the success of numerous Igbo entrepreneurs and business leaders across various industries, locally and globally.

Equipping the Next Generation.

Through the Endowment, we aspire to bridge the gap of limited access to mentoring and address the inadequacies in resources available to absorb and support these young legal interns. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the transfer of essential knowledge and skills to these interns, equipping them to excel in their chosen profession.

With this support, they will be well-prepared to navigate the legal landscape excellently, fostering growth and contributing to sustainable development.

Ejiofor Onwuaso


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