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The best online learning platforms provide a simple way for educators and trainers to manage online courses.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) have become increasingly common, mainly due to the sweeping educational changes necessary due to the pandemic.  Read More:

While face-to-face learning has a place, increasingly learning and courses are being conducted through digital channels. This can be both cheaper and easier to manage for businesses and also for educators; it translates to being able to reach people from a distance. 

In a remote situation, online learning platforms really come to the fore, as platforms for education make the most of modern technology. That’s not to say traditional education means are about to be extinct. Still, academic institutions and businesses have identified that we can achieve plenty more through tech, such as smartphones and other internet-connected devices, which can facilitate learning from any location.

Online learning platforms have become more diverse, so to learn a language, you can use language-learning apps and online flashcards, and for younger ones, there are e-learning online classroom services as well. Additionally, there are coding platforms for schools as well.

When comparing the different online learning platforms, we looked at what operating systems they were available on (Android and iOS), the app interface, integration with third-party software, and the overall quality. We also assessed the pricing plans and what kind of users each learning platform would be best suited for, among other things.  

Through digital means, learning is on tap. Discovering a fact or developing a specific skill doesn’t take long. The way training organizations and educators create courses is also dramatically changing. In this article, we’re looking at the best learning management software tools available.

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