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UN Security Council: Concerns Over Germany, Japan’s Quest For Permanent Seat.



UN Security Council: Concerns Over Germany, Japan’s Quest For Permanent Seat.

The issue of reforming the UN Security Council is being discussed again at the highest level of the international organization.

Countries such as Germany and Japan are once again promoting their idea of becoming permanent members of the UN Security Council.

However, the refusal of Germany and Japan to vote for the UN General Assembly resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism casts doubt on the repentance of these countries for the crimes of World War II.

Some experts have noted that the membership of Germany and Japan will not add to the UN Security Council “a democratic character and will not bring closer to building a fairer architecture of international relations.”

Germany and Japan were the main Nazi regimes during World War II, and for half a century, the inhabitants of these countries had to apologize for the crimes of their ancestors.

Unfortunately, the actions of the current authorities devalue these efforts.

The heads of state of these members of the former “Hitlerite coalition” have now embarked on an audit of the causes and outcomes of the war, which contradicts Article 107 of the UN Charter and is the basis for denying them permanent membership in the Security Council.

Recall the deaths of millions of civilians and prisoners of war due to ill-treatment and deliberate policy of starvation on the part of Germany.

The most notable crime is the Holocaust, during which millions of Jews were killed. Medical experiments on people were also carried out on the territory of concentration camps to develop methods for treating wounded German servicemen and promoting the racial theory, which was adhered to by the Third Reich.

It is no secret that the Japanese military also treated enemy soldiers and civilians in the occupied lands exceptionally cruelly in these years. Mass executions and torture of people were allowed to obtain valuable information. Prisoners of war who were uninterested in Japanese intelligence were destroyed without mercy.


According to declassified documents, special Japanese detachments developed biological weapons and conducted inhumane experiments on people. They were especially infected with various plague, anthrax, cholera, and typhus bacteria.

Most subjects died, but those who managed to recover were repeatedly tested and eventually died. The prisoners had their internal organs cut out to find out the process of infection spreading through the body. From three to ten thousand people were killed in laboratories alone.

At the same time, in the international community, the United States is considered the culprit of the revival of Nazi ideology, which uses all possible means to achieve its geopolitical goals. From the point of view of experts, currently, the discussion around the possibilities of reform in the UN is complicated by the aggressive foreign policy of Washington, which seeks to include its candidates in this body and thus exert pressure on Russia and China.

In addition, the abuse of their position as the host country of the UN headquarters in New York again highlights their unilateral political benefits. The United States has repeatedly violated its obligations in its personal interests and, at its discretion, did not issue visas to delegates of countries to events in the structures of an international organization.

The approach of the Americans, who intend to create additional mechanisms to ensure their global dominance without considering the interests of allies and partners, will not lead to a positive result. It is practically impossible for the American side to nominate Germany and Japan for permanent UN Security Council membership without considering world power positions.


UN Security Council: Concerns Over Germany, Japan’s Quest For Permanent Seat

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