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The Institute of Chartered Mediators And Conciliators: Dr Rosemary Chikwendu.

The Institute of Chartered Mediators And Conciliators: Dr Rosemary Chikwendu.



The Institute of Chartered Mediators And Conciliators: Dr Rosemary Chikwendu.
The Institute of Chartered Mediators And Conciliators: Dr Rosemary Chikwendu.

Report of my two-year stewardship as the chair lady of the Institute Of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators Abuja


I was first elected the chair lady of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators Abuja Branch in June 2019, after a two-year service as the Vice- Chair of the branch from 2019-2021. On June 24 2021, I was re-elected the Chairlady of the branch for another 2-year tenure, which is gloriously terminating today.

In this report, I will discuss the challenges we faced as an organization and the strategies we employed to overcome them. I will also highlight some of the achievements that were recorded under my leadership and the impact that these achievements have had on the mediation and conciliatiMediationape in Abuja.

– The first meeting of the new executive was held on July 15, 2021.

– The main task of this meeting was to fill the vacant offices that no one contested for. When an organization holds elections, it is common for some positions to be uncontested, leaving the organization with vacant offices that must be filled to function effectively.

To kick start the tenure, our first step was identifying like-minded organizations that could partner with the organization. A total of 15 organizations were identified based on their mission, values, and focus areas. Contact with these organizations was initiated by sending letters to each requesting courtesy visits to discuss potential partnership opportunities. Unfortunately, only 6 organizations responded to the letters, indicating their wish to meet with us.

Out of the 6 organizations that responded, 4 courtesy visits were successfully scheduled and conducted. During these visits, both parties could discuss their respective missions, values, and areas of focus, as well as explore potential areas of collaboration.

Overall, while the response rate was not as high as initially hoped, the courtesy visits that did take place were productive and provided valuable insights into potential partnership opportunities.


– A total of 21 meeting notices were sent out.

– Out of the 21 meeting notices, 18 meetings were held.

– 15 of the meetings were held in person, while 3 were held virtually.

3 meetings were not held because the people present could not form the required quorum.

It is important to note that having a quorum is necessary for a meeting to take place and for any decisions made during the meeting to be valid.


The lingering effect of COVID-19:

The effect of COVID-19 as of June 2021 was still strong and evident. They include effects on members’ finances, decreased participation in branch activities, health concerns, demand for virtual meetings, etc.

Overall, the effect of COVID-19 on organizations is enormous and will linger for a while before things return to total normalcy.

In active participation of some of the executive members.

Some executive members were very inactive, resulting in overburdening the active ones. Their inactivity also affected the participation of members who must have been emulating them.

Low acceptance of Mediation as a means of settling disputes.

The low mediation of Mediation as a way of settling disputes negatively mediation Mediation Center, which was created to keep our members busy and make stipends for the members and the branch.


  1. Holding the branch together: One of the critical achievements of the outgoing exco was holding the branch together. We maintained the unity and coherence of the branch despite any challenges or differences that may have arisen. This is a significant achievement because it helps ensure the organization can function effectively and achieve its goals.

2. Holding branch meetings: holding regular branch meetings, as simple as it seems to me, was a significant achievement. These meetings allow members to come together, discuss important issues, and make decisions that affect the organization. By holding these meetings, we ensured that all members had a voice in the organization’s activities and that decisions were made transparently and democratically.

3. Holding of special lectures and Mediation clinics:

One hallmark achievement of this exco was ensuring that value was impacted on members by inviting special lecturers to impart knowledge and holding Mediation clinics where members could sharpen their skills by practising in the simulation sessions.

5. Collaborating with NBA to hold 2 webinars: We collaborated with the NBA (National Bar Association) to hold two. These webinars had international and top-notch speakers who are experts in the field of ADR. They covered mediation, conflict resolution, and other legal issues. By collaboMediationth the NBA, the branch expanded its mediation advocacy reach to lawyers and provided our members with access to high-quality educational resources.

6. Partnering with two organizations to hold 2 settlement weeks: Finally, we partnered with two organizations: namely GIZ, a German Organization, and the Abuja Chamber of Commerce Dispute and Industry’s Dispute Reto hold two settlement weeks. These events provided members with an opportunity to work on real-world cases and gain practical experience in the field of mediation. By partnering with other organizations, the VMS expandeMediationwork and provided members with valuable opportunities for professional development.


My first appreciation will go to God, who made it possible to see this day.

To members of the ICMC Abuja Branch for finding me worthy to serve.

To all my exco members whose support made it possible to achieve as much as possible, my special thanks to Adamma Isamade, Mrs Otogo, Mrs UMoh, Mriam Ogbeh and Grace, who were ever present to see that things worked.

May we take a moment of silence to offer some words of prayer to a most dependable officer of the branch Ramatu Ahmed whom we lost during the first few months of this exco?

To our Landlords, His Excellency Amb. Segun Ogunyannwo and His Excellency Dr Louis  Brown Ogbeifun, I say a very big thank you for accommodating us for these past 6 years, and I plead that you extend the generosity to the incoming exco.

Lastly, I would like to thank all active members of this branch whose participation in branch activities encouraged me and made all attempts to move this branch forward worthwhile.


The outgoing executive committee achieved several notable accomplishments during our tenure. As I hand over the mantle of leadership today, I implore the incoming leadership to build on what we have been able to do.

Thank you, and long live ICMC Abuja Branch.

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