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2nd May 2023


Nigerian Police Force

Force Headquarters

Louis Edet House



Dear Sir,


  1. Sometime in 2019, a close friend introduced our client Mr Uchenna Okafor of Shop number A684, DEI-DEI Timber International Market Abuja, to Mr FATAI AFOLABI, a businessman at the dei-dei building materials international market in Abuja.
  2. Upon being acquainted with Mr FATAI AFOLABI, our client had a business transaction with Mr Fatai where goods worth millions of Naira were supplied to him with the promise to pay the entire sum after taking delivery.
  3. Our client supplied wood worth 2,555,000

After several appeals via telephone communication, text messages, and letter writing, Mr Fatai paid part in three tranches:

  • On  7/2/2020, he paid #450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand Naira only).
  • On 13/2/2021, he paid #330,000( Three hundred and thirty thousand Naira only).
  • On 8/0/2021, he paid #100,000( One hundred Thousand Naira only).


4. Mr Fatai so far has paid a total of # 880,000 (Eight hundred and Eighty Thousand Naira.) out of the contract sum of #2 555.000 ( two million five hundred and fifty-five thousand Naira only), Leaving an unpaid balance of #1,675,000 (One million six hundred and seventy-five thousand Naira only).

5. Our client waited three months after receiving the last tranche of payment totalling # 880,000 (Eight hundred and Eighty Thousand Naira.) before communicating with Mr Fatai. He sent him reminder notices and calls, but none were responded to.

6. Our client traced Mr Fatai to his last known address but was shocked to discover he was no longer residing there. On further inquiry, he was told that Fatai had relocated from Abuja, where the subject matter took place, to Osun State.

7. Further on the efforts made by our client to recover his money, Mr Fatai, through his Lawyer Barr Nuhu Edah Esq, wrote a letter to our client Mr Uchenna Okafor on the 20th Day of November 2020. In the letter referred to above, Barr Nuhu pleaded and assured our client that he would get the balance of the contract sum three weeks after receiving the letter sent to him through his client Mr Fatai.

8. No additional sum has been credited to our client. Despite the persistent calls, Mr Fatai called our client to say that before the end of this year, 2023, he must make sure he wastes our client and his entire family since he has refused to stop calling him am pressing demand for his balance sum with him.

9. Our client is afraid of the promise of Mr Fatai towards himself and his family. On further inquiry by our client regarding the exact location of Mr Fatai in Osun State,  he was advised to stay clear as Mr Fatai moves around with a pocket-friendly gun.

Sir, our client has done everything within his power to get the Respondent to refund him the outstanding balance of the contract sum, including reporting him to his referral Mr Peter Inegbe, who has also tried to intervene. Still, all their efforts have yielded no result, as the Respondent has remained adamant, telling our client all sorts of disconnected stories and threatening our client.

Sir, it is based on the above that our client has instructed us to write this petition, passionately urging you to use your good office to direct an immediate investigation into this complaint against the Respondent, and where he is found wanting, to cause him to be prosecuted in line with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and made to answer for his crimes. In the process, our client will also have access to the Respondent to recover his money.

We are confident that if the Respondent is duly prosecuted for his illegal actions, it will deter others engaged in such criminality and lawlessness of misrepresenting facts to obtain our client’s goods under the pretence of investment only to convert same to their personal use and relocate out of turn.

While we await your prompt response, kindly accept the assurances of our most esteemed regards.


Yours faithfully,

Ikechukwu Ezechukwu, Ogbuehi Chambers.



Stella  A. Tsokwa, Esq.                                                

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